Math Programs


These programs were written to demonstrate math concepts in a fun way: fractals, Monte Carlo methods, etc. Some of these are classic examples from textbooks and others were intended for educational purposes.

All of these programs are written in JavaScript and HTML5. Please take a look at the source code, copy it for yourself and make your own edits.

FRACTREE 02/13/19 Draw fractal trees
LONGDIV 03/19/20 Step-by-step explanation of long division
MULTQUIZ 02/03/19 Multiplication quiz for products up to 9x9
PALINDRO 03/21/20 Find palindrome numbers through repeated addition
PIART 03/20/22 Creating art from the digits of pi
PIDAY 03/15/19 Approximating Pi using Monte Carlo methods
PIDAY2021 03/13/21 Approximating Pi with multiple infinite series
PIDAY2022 03/15/22 Calculating Pi digit by digit with a spigot algorithm
PRIMES 06/24/21 Find prime numbers using the Sieve of Eratosthenes
TRIANGLE 02/12/19 Draw Sierpinski triangle fractals